A living room is a space that sets the tone of your entire home. It’s a place where you can relax, spend time with your family and friends. That’s why it’s one of the most important rooms to invest in. To avoid having to change the interior of the living room every few years, you should choose timeless and modern design of a high-end quality that will look fresh even after a few years. How to do it?

1. Sofa plays the most important role

There is no doubt that a sofa is an important element in a living room. Trends of sofas are not changing so often so it’s up to you which size and shape you choose to suit to your family and friends. However, stick to moderate colours and proven materials. For example, white sofas look majestic but they are unsuitable for households with small children and animals. For most people textile in a neutral colour or leather is the best material.

2. Choose moderate colours

If you want to create an interior that will be modern even in five years and will look luxury, choose your materials and colours wisely. In particular, buy the most expensive pieces, such as sofa, relax chairs and dining chairs, in neutral colours (grey, beige, black or white). You can buy colourful accessories that you can change more often in your apartment – pillows, pictures, etc. Or paint or put wallpaper on a wall in a prominent colour or pattern and change it when you want.

White is classic, but you can choose other natural colours, such as blue, green and brown.

3. Minimalism dominates living rooms

Large and heavy decorated cabinets up to the ceiling you know from your grandparents living room are long gone, as well as too many pieces of furniture. When choosing a new set for your living room, bet on simplicity, classics and minimalism. In a minimalist home you should keep your walls neutral except for one or two pieces of artwork. Get the luxury touch.

These are some tips how to create timeless and luxury home where you will love to spend your time. You can check our Barcelona apartments for more inspiration.