A kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It’s the center of social life of its inhabitants and often bustles with activity. It can provide the perfect ambiance for breakfast in a calming morning solitude, hearty family lunch or ravish dinner party. No wonder that people devote so much care and attention to putting together amazing kitchens and creating innovative kitchen designs.

Nobohome is aware of the ever-growing role kitchen plays in your home. That’s why we decided to share several creative kitchen ideas that will revive this central living space.

So, whether you are undergoing kitchen remodeling and want to do it just right or simply looking to find inspiration for a few minor tweaks, read this blog.

1.  Open Kitchen: Size Matters

It wasn’t long ago our daily life used to be divided into cooking, dining, living spaces and others. Thankfully, the 80s brought about a small living revolution. It was an exciting time for interior design! The cooks became tired of being isolated and “stuck” in the kitchen while the rest of the family thrived in the more social spaces of the house, and the open-plan kitchen hit the mainstream.

Suddenly, kitchen expanded its potential and opened itself to a world of social activities centered around breakfast bars and dining tables. Cooking suddenly became a fun and social task rather than a routine procedure to feed the family members. Today, kitchens reign the house by embracing diverse uses and roles. Many consider them the most important room in the house.

Whether your kitchen is big or small, opening the space and connecting it with the rest of the dining and living space will give it life, light, and the “heart and soul” aspect so appealing to human nature.

2.Kitchen Island: The Social Hub

Elaborating further on the social note, at Nobohome, we are in favor of one of the most popular modern kitchen designs: the kitchen island.

There is always somebody in the kitchen either discovering new recipes, cooking, chatting, relaxing, or munching on delicious meals. Ever more functions are integrated into kitchen spaces. To be able to develop and enjoy these features fully, you need an adequate space and ambiance. That is why kitchen islands are so popular. They provide a central point allowing people to gather around, while at the same time providing you with a practical space to create culinary wonders.

3. Design with Purpose

Kitchen designs are as diverse as any other part of the house or interior. People have different tastes and preferences. While there is always a place for creativity and personal expression, kitchens are created with a clear purpose in mind. The best design tip Nobohome can offer, is never to forget the purpose of the kitchen and design this primarily utilitarian space with practicality – forms should always follow function.

For instance, smooth unobtrusive surfaces are much easier to clean and upkeep than anything featuring twists, turns, and generally, places and spots that are hard to reach. The right design should make primary kitchen activities feel natural and effortless. A kitchen is a space where simplicity is the highest kind of luxury.

4. Smart Kitchen

Speaking of functionality… Kitchens, now open and spacious, are still evolving. With all the new technological developments, remodeling your kitchen is almost as buying a new computer or phone – you have to check for the latest updates and releases. Nowadays, kitchens are not only able to provide space for you to cook or socialize. Thanks to technology, they can help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.


New kitchen appliances are constantly challenging the status quo of our daily routines. Smart fridges can inform you about products about to expire or run out, order missing items online and even keep track of your calorie intake. Coffee machines can prepare your coffee before you shuffle out of your bedsheets. New exciting designs and functionalities emerge on the market each year.

5. Accessories, Textures, Colors

The kitchen is also about alluring flavors, textures, and smells we associate with home and comfort. This undeniable richness should be reflected in the decor of this function-oriented space. The textures and colors can be expressed through kitchen surfaces, floor, walls or, quite simply, dishes.

Don’t be afraid to express the soul of your kitchen in the design. You can experiment with different objects. Why not put a real painting in your kitchen?

6. Wine Fridge

If a kitchen is to function as a social hub and center of friendly or family gatherings, wine should not miss! Wine and food pairing is almost an art and to achieve the desired effect, and release and highlight the flavor; wine needs to have a perfect temperature. If you are a wine enthusiast, a nifty wine fridge is just the object to include in your kitchen design.

7. Garden in the Kitchen

Technology is not the only thing taking us forward. With growing consumer and environmental consciousness, people opt to grow their food more and more often. Thanks to elaborate designs, growing is not exclusive to those with a large house and a garden. Smart urban design solutions allow you to bring the garden into the kitchen.

You can grow your own vegetable or herbs right next to your kitchen workstation. Installing such garden in your kitchen will never leave you without fresh basil or coriander adding that extra fresh flair to your cooking.

Did you enjoy our kitchen design ideas? What would your ideal kitchen look like? Don’t be shy to share your opinion in the comments below. Keep scrolling to see more tips!

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