Almost ready…

Mid June we will finish three projects around the same time! The project in Avenida Marques de Argentera is nearly finished with great hydraulic floors, three bedrooms and bathrooms and an intimate terrace and is reserved already.

Close to calle Princesa our apartment in calle Carassa will be finished with a touch of boho chic and an impressive hydraulic floor and a light grey dream kitchen. The living kitchen is connected to the salon and has two bedrooms with two bathrooms ensuite.

In the most desired and quiet street of Barcelona Enric Granados we have a very light and spacious apartment. The spacious salon has two big windows facing the street  with an open kitchen which is midnight blue and has a marble top. In the back side of the apartment there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a spacious balcony facing the back patio.

Don’t miss the photos of the completed apartments that we will share on our social media channels soon.