Every Nobohome luxury apartment in Barcelona undergoes a careful makeover that restores its former glory and ambiance. While adjusting it to the style and necessities of modern life. One of our luxury apartments for sale is a spacious property that overlooks the Plaça del Bonsuccés.

Why Did we Choose this Apartment?

The vibrant neighborhood of Raval has many faces which make it an exciting and authentic place. Its versatility gives it a character of its own and sets it apart from the rest of Barcelonian locals and communities. Despite its rather colorful past, the area has become popular, fashionable and an exciting place to live.


Placa del Bonsucces, a small square close to Plaza Catalunya, is bustling with a huge variety of interesting places. Such as cafes, well-known restaurants like Dos Palillos, famous markets like La Boqueria and many unique bars. Raval is also the place to go if you are looking for small privately owned shops selling unique designer clothes, gadgets, and gifts.

This is why acquiring and refurbishing this old Raval apartment into a luxury apartment was an opportunity we at Nobohome could not let go off. The Bonsucces square has a great vibe. And the trees create a calming atmosphere perfect to enjoy a drink on a terrace or watch the buzzing square from one of your balconies. For us, this part of Raval is like Le Marais in Paris, very modern but with an authentic boho twist. 

What are the Highlights of This Luxury Apartment?

First of all, it’s all about the location. Location is the key point when buying a house. And it’s getting harder to encounter a good apartment in the Old Town of Barcelona. The space in the Old Town is limited what makes the luxury apartment on Plaza Bonsucces all the more special.

The building is an authentic Barcelonian building. However, it offers a handy feature of two entrances. You can enter from the square using stairs. Or you can use via Xucla street which features a massive elevator. Xucla street quite conveniently offers a big supermarket. Moreover, this luxury apartment is next to the lively Las Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya. It’s also extremely close to all other amenities the city has to offer.

Being situated in a corner building, the luxury apartment is full of natural light and offers a superb view over the square onto a historical government building. All three bedrooms are designed in their own style. One faces the square, one Xucla street, and the third one is in the back of the apartment. The big living room is directly connected to a beautiful kitchen which makes it well-suited for social activities.

The Inspiration Behind the Interior Design?

The apartment has been custom-designed with luxury home decor that brings out the spirit and characteristics of the building as well as the neighborhood. The careful arrangement of the individual elements creates a warm, welcoming, and pleasant atmosphere that, despite luxury, doesn’t inhibit the practical needs of everyday life. Which is one of the most remarkable characteristics of the apartment.

The unique design feature that connects all Nobohome luxe boutique apartments is the mix of Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary Spanish design that encompass a broader scope of influences. We focused on capturing an overall ambiance rather than followed particular styles or trends. In the case of the luxury apartment for sale in Plaza Bonsucces, the style is eclectic, a bit Boho but without the reds. Colors reflect the comfort and peace of nature and are ranging from grey-green and turquoise-blue to grey combined with black and white features.

Furniture Pieces Not To Miss?

The heart of the house is the signature Nobohome dining table placed strategically between the living room and kitchen. It serves as both, natural barrier but also a place to come together and have fun with friends and family.


The other piece of furniture that pops out is the carpet in the living room by Dutch designer, Edward van Vliet. The pattern evokes fluidity of water in calm forest pond and with the sunshine coming combined with the playful shadows of the trees outside. It almost looks like it’s alive and moving.


Another favorite piece is a painting of YellowKorner in the bathroom. Bianca Bosman, Nobohome’s talented interior designer, comments: “I love when there is the right item, in the right place, at the right time. I like the shapes and colors of the painting matching the rhythm of the bathroom. You have to see it!”

Perks of Living on Plaça del Bonsuccés?

A must-do is the Japanese barbeque restaurant Carlota Akaneya just around the corner on Carrer del Pintor Fortuny 32. If you are in a mood for something bit more special, there is the amazing Dos Palillos in Carrer d’Elisabeths 9. Plus, in the streets Doctor Dou and Pintor Fortuny, you will find numerous options for drinks and bites like En Ville (great for their lunch menu), Carvelle (known for their eggs), Bar Lobo (with high-class cocktails), Dos Pebrots (delicious small bites and tapas).


Furthermore, right on the square, there is one of the oldest cafes in Barcelona, Bar Castells. And two Catalan restaurants, Elisabets and Julivert Meu. The MACBA museum is a 3-minute walk away. Ff you are a modern art lover, you can buy an annual ticket to MACBA, ensuring you don’t miss out on any exhibitions. Never a dull moment in El Raval!