As every aspect of human expression, living spaces also phase in and out of fashion. What was popular few years ago, might not appeal to us today and vice versa. Today, real estate market is boasting with a curious new trend – boutique apartments. Whichever continent, country, or city you target, boutique apartments proudly present their lush interiors among the listings.

What are they and where did they come from? Read on and peek behind the curtain of this delightful trend!

What Are Boutique Apartments?

Oxford Dictionary defines the word “boutique” as a ‘business or establishment that is small and sophisticated or fashionable’ dedicated to a specialized clientele. Stemming from this definition, we can describe boutique apartment as a unique living space of sophistication and luxury.


Indeed, boutique apartments are small one-of-a-kind personalized living spaces with a lush and luxurious design which further accentuates the atmosphere of their city location. While often implementing modern functional elements, boutique apartments are designed with respect for the cultural and architectural heritage of the building and surrounding area.

The Inspiration Behind Boutique Apartments

The concept of boutique apartments was born from the trend of so-called boutique hotels. These type of establishments originated in the 1980s in cities like Paris, London, San Francisco or New York. The term “boutique hotel” was first coined by an American entrepreneur Steve Rubell in 1984 who compared his newly developed hotel to a luxury boutique.


Today, boutique hotels are usually small hotels with no more than 100 rooms offering upscale accommodation in unique settings. Their main focus is to provide personalized services in an intimate atmosphere with a stylish, trendy flair.

Many large international hotel chains create specialized sub-brands to capitalize on the growth of the peculiar luxury segment. Currently, Manhattan is considered to be the central hub of the boutique hotel trend.

Why Buy a Boutique Apartment?

Boutique apartments encompass several crucial differences in comparison to usual flats. With a traditional apartment, the main focus is usually on its functionality, and most of them are fairly generic and undefined. However, boutique apartments, while keeping functionality in mind, concentrate on style and design. They are often very luxurious and located in chic urban areas. Their objective lies in creating space that is stylish, yet it feels like a home.  

If you are searching for a home that is more than just a place to live… If you are looking for a place that boasts with a unique atmosphere and accentuates lifestyle perks of its area, the boutique apartment might be just the right choice for you!

A simple yet upscale living space. Although it’s not the cheapest options, it’s definitely worth it.

Boutique Apartments in Barcelona

Boutique apartments can be found in all major cities around the world including New York, Paris or London, and Barcelona is not an exception.

Barcelona has never been more alive. The city bubbles with life and activity day and night. Boutique apartments enable you to experience this free-spirited city surrounded by modern functional luxury that stays faithful to the cultural and historical fabric of the city.

Where to find them?

Don’t expect to find tens or hundreds of listings with large brokers. Boutique apartments are little works of arts – often inconspicuous but gorgeous; completely original; redesigned with care and thus much scarcer than other realities. When buying one of these properties, you should be greeted with the equally personalized approach and treatment.

If you are curious to see what Nobohome has on offer at the moment, please visit our listing of Barcelona boutique apartments. Each new development is a combination of practicality and style that runs through the bohemian streets of Barcelona.