Nobohome was established by Niels Oudega and Bianca Bosman. It has tapped into the Barcelona’s real estate market with its signature style and design. What’s their secret? 

Each Nobohome’s property resonates with unique design and atmosphere. Today, we sat down with Bianca Bosman. The talented mind behind these turn-key works of art and inquired about the secrets of her creative process.

Self-taught interior designer

Given the well-balanced yet captivating design of the apartments, it is hard to believe it was only with the launch Nobohome in the bohemian Barcelona that Bianca transformed herself into a self-taught interior designer who embraces bold colors, natural materials and (geometric) prints.


“For a long time my friends were telling me to do something with my creative talent. But I never knew what and how. Now with Nobohome all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. In my house in Amsterdam I held a garage sale every couple of years to revitalize our interior with new furniture, colors and structures. Developments in art, fashion and design have always been my passion. Looking forward but for sure also looking backwards. I have a weak spot for vintage finds and items from the past that come back in a new look and feel”.

The love for design has always been there. The geometric collages and drawings Bianca made as a child blossomed into the warm, welcoming, and pleasant ambiences she manages to create in interiors nowadays. She claims: “It’s all about having a sharp eye for shapes, textures and images in the world around us that form an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

Despite the modest-sized portfolio of residential projects within her company, the images of the lush home designs are shared all over the world in various media. Moreover, the luxury apartments of Nobohome don’t take long to find a happy future owner.

Trying to keep the original elements

According to Bianca, the crucial point of every new development is to respect the history of the site.

She explains: “All Nobohome projects are in old (modernist) buildings where normally a lot of original elements can be kept. A floor of (nolla) mosaic tiles, ornamented ceilings or some molds on the walls.”

This is the stepping stone from where sprouts the inspiration for the next stages of the process.


Mix of Scandinavian and Spanish design

What some might see as a mix of Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary Spanish design, encompasses a broader scope of influences. Bosman’s inspiration and intentions for her projects have more to do with overall ambiance than following specific styles or trends.

“You shouldn’t give too much attention to the brands. The idea is to create a compelling atmosphere. Not solely focus on one element or brand.”

She further explains that the challenge of her luxury home decor lies in finding the right balance between texture and pattern. As well as the combination of shapes that find their way onto the floors, walls, and furnishings.


Custom-designed luxury apartments

“I’m a true lover of graphic design, colors, and patterns,” says Bianca with excitement. “In interior design, I really value the symmetry and straight lines. I like everything to be in order. I can see directly when things are not right…”

Thus, all the apartments have been custom-designed with luxury decor. It brings out the spirit and characteristics of the building and the neighborhood. The careful arrangement of the individual elements creates a warm, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that, despite luxury, doesn’t inhibit the practical needs of everyday life. This is one of the most remarkable characteristics of her work.

“They [the apartments] have to be social — places for family and friends to meet and have fun — and they have to last.”


Combination of different decorative elements

Bianca devotes time and effort to seek out each item. Her meticulousness, care and eye for design are later reflected in her luxury home decor. It’s an eclectic yet pleasingly aesthetic mix of furniture with lots of character. She often combines decorative elements from Stockholm, Milan, Amsterdam, and Barcelona:

“I love to stroll through flea markets, and when I travel, I always travel with an empty suitcase to bring back my ‘treasures’ to Barcelona. These trips themselves are perfect inspiration sources to detect new styles and emerging designers or small artisan brands from all over the world”.

If you are looking for a place that feels like home and overflows with character, an apartment with Nobohome might be just the right choice for you. For those interested in seeing more of Bianca’s designs, visit Nobohome’s website. You can also check out their Instagram page that boasts with inspiring compositions and projects.

If you wish to learn more about our newest developments and designes, do not hesitate to contact us directly!