Luxury Real Estate Development in Barcelona

About Us

Nobohome creates a limited number of luxury apartments with all the comfort one can desire.

A Luxury Real Estate Developer

who values personal approach towards their clients

Nobohome luxury real estate development offers exclusive properties in Barcelona, Spain. Unlike most luxury real estate developers, Nobohome values personal approach towards their clients and is working with a talented team of architects who understand what Nobohome clients are looking for.

Nobohome’s focus is not on selling the highest quantity of Barcelona luxury apartments. It is about creating true value, providing a personalized touch and, most of all, building and redesigning a limited number of exclusive apartments in Barcelona each year.

Nobohome understands the needs of clients interested in the Barcelona luxury real estate market. Every decision is guided by the in-depth knowledge of city districts which allows Nobohome to answer clients’ needs & requirements for business, leisure, and lifestyle.

On a daily basis, Nobohome monitors the property market to ensure that we capture the best Barcelona luxury developments available.

Moreover, Nobohome’s service doesn’t stop after having sold the luxury apartment. The company offers a wide range of personal concierge services to owners of the apartments in Barcelona.

Thanks to extensive experiences, Nobohome can connect their clients with specialists in various domains and service areas to make their Barcelona life as pleasant as possible or provide them with a peace of mind when the owners are out of town. 

Nobohome is registered as Nobo Residents S.L. under the Generalitat of Catalunya. The owners of Nobo Residents S.L are Niels Oudega and Bianca Bosman, a Dutch couple that successfully runs Nobohome.

Niels, the CEO, launched Nobohome in 2013. He focuses on the team, marketing & sales, investors, finance, and legal issues. Bianca, who joined Nobohome later, is dedicated to supervising all projects under construction and is responsible for the interior design of the luxury real estate. 

The idea to launch the company sprout from their own experience of not being able to find the luxury boutique apartment of their dreams in Barcelona in 2010. This insight triggered marketer and economist Niels Oudega to shape Nobohome.

The creative talent of communication professional Bianca Bosman turned out to be key in developing one of a kind exclusive luxury properties in Barcelona. Their ambition is to remain a key niche player with highly exclusive property offerings on the Barcelona real estate market.