Princesa street is one of the central streets in the el Born area. The apartment instantly drew our attention because of the five balcony doors all giving access to one large balcony. This could be a very bright apartment.

Little did we know. It turned out to be a student house giving shelter to 8 students each having a small room in the house.


The lay out sketch after our first visit to the apartment. The final refurbishment is suprisingly similar to this first draft. Out of 8 little rooms we created 3 large bedrooms each with ensuite bathroom and one huge living kitchen, the hart of the house.


After serving for years for the students the bathroom and kitchen were at the end of their lifecycle. We also took out all fake ceilings in order to bring out the wooden beams and to increase a spacious, open feeling.


Time to break everything out! In order to create something completely new of high quality you have to start at the root.


Work in progress. The first signs of the lay out become visible.


Unfortunately we could not restore the original hydraulic tiles, they were to damaged.
Good thing of it is that you can put in a new floor. Nobo is a big fan of the Escher hydraulic tile. It gives a modern feel and the 3-d effect enlarges the room.

In order to create a large open living kitchen we decided to take out the central bearing wall. The apartment being situated in the Old City of Barcelona, the town council makes you work for getting the approval.


The kitchen is the heart of the house, so you have to treat it as such. This tailor made wooden kitchen is imported from Holland simply because Nobo has not found the same quality in Spain.


The final result. A 280×120 cm kitchen island with a pending rack and a counter made out of Belgium hardstone.


The living room with three balcony doors that are interrupted by suspended bamboo trees.