Working on the distribution of a new apartment goes hand in hand with the question of what type of spaces do you need to lead a comfortable life. That is why, most of the time, new homeowners fight with concerns regarding the lack of space. Here is where smart interior design comes to your rescue with a simple yet revolutionary concept: multifunctional spaces.

Comfort & Luxury: Does Size Matter?

Our perception of space is not so much about how much space we have available but rather how well we are able to use it. The ability to use space to its maximum potential is all the more important in densely populated urban areas where we pay more and more for less. The smart interior design ensures that the rising costs – while limiting the size of your apartment – do not affect the comfort and luxury of your dwelling.

How Do I Fit My Lifestyle Into “Square Meters” without Limiting It?

You wish to live in a modernistic reformed apartment in the heart of Barcelona with all the perks this city has to offer. However, you also want to have enough storage space that does not affect the design. A safe space where the kids can play. A place where someone can watch a movie, do a bit of work or even study for the upcoming exams. All this without disturbing others and without being disturbed oneself.

Multifunctional spaces are the simple answer to all of the wishes and requirements mentioned above.

The history of space-saving designs is long and as in any domain. It shows varying degrees of success through time. The prevalent issue was that what is smart is not always attractive and what is attractive is not always smart. However, times have changed and interior design blossomed into art in its own right. Nowadays, we are capable of creating luxurious and multifunctional spaces at the same time.

Probably the most common piece of space-saving furniture is a sofa-bed. However, it only scrapes the surface of possibilities with which you can play around to create just the right space to cater all your needs!

A bed hiding behind the wardrobe door. An expandable workspace that fits seamlessly into an elegant shelving unit. A complex digital media installation incorporated into furniture unit without robbing you of living space and disturbing the unity of your design – the options are endless.

How Far Can You Go?

A somewhat extreme example of smart use of a limited living space is a tiny Parisian flat, sized at eight square meters, which was a former maid’s room within a bigger apartment. It is primarily composed of simple yet elegant slide-out working, shelving and wardrobe units. Not an inch of space goes unused, and most of the units serve a double or multiple functions.

While on the radical end, this tiny apartment is a testimony that any space no matter how limited can be transformed into a functional and elegant living space.

How to Define Multifunctional Spaces?

The genuine thrill of multi-purpose spaces and furniture lies in its ability to serve and nurture your lifestyle without hustle.

But how do you decide which kind of multifunctional space is the right choice for you? First of all, review the following questions:

  1. How many bedrooms do you want to have?
  2. How many people will share the living space?
  3. What activities do you, or other family members, commonly do from home (work, study, etc.)?
  4. What were the sources of space-related stress in your previous flat or house?
  5. How much and what type storage space do you require?

All of the factors above influence the type of design and furniture, that will define the style and combination of functionality that best suits your home.

Remember, true luxury is rarely limited by space. True luxury is smart!

Looking for Inspiration?

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