Luxury Homes for Sale in Barcelona

Refurbished, Decorated and Sold by Nobohome Barcelona

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Luxury Homes for Sale in Barcelona

Renovated luxury apartments in Barcelona

Nobohome develops around ten luxury apartments per year in Barcelona. Their focus is not on quantity but on quality, investing more time and funds in their own projects than the market. Their luxury apartments are delivered ready to enter. This turn-key concept is highly appreciated by a growing circle of clients around the world in search of luxury homes in Barcelona.

Unique Apartments

One of a kind boutique apartments

Only when the last finishing touch has been done the apartments are put up for sale. When finished it is almost like a new build home with all the luxury one can think off. Because of the limited number of projects, each of their apartments can be treated as one of a kind. All of the homes for sale feature their own unique style and characteristics always in line with the efficient yet luxurious Nobohome design. The modern luxury homes in Barcelona all feature an integrated air-conditioning & heating system, modern rain showers, solid wooden floors, tailor-made kitchens and top design furniture.

The Nobohome Design

Luxury & contemporary functionality

Nobohome apartments are known for their design. They instantly make you feel at home! The Nobohome design can be described as luxury style combined with a contemporary functionality. It’s fresh and surprising. The original features of all Nobohome homes in Barcelona are being respected but are renovated or duplicated if the quality is not sufficient. The furniture is always new, featuring high-quality brands, mainly from Scandinavia. Nobohome is in charge the whole chain from the purchase of the apartment, through reconstruction and design to the final sale of the flat, now transformed into a beautiful luxury home for sale.