Turn-key apartment in El Born with 2 bedrooms

Carrer General Alvarez de Castro, 08003 Barcelona, El Born


Detailed description

After searching for more than 2 years we did not find a suitable apartment that met our conditions. Eventually we stopped looking for a turnkey modern house and decided to go for a great located apartment that we wanted to renovate. We ended up buying a sewing atelier of 108 m² on the first floor in the area Born close to the Santa Caterina market. After 6 months of refurbishment we changed this neglected space into a warm and contemporary apartment where the kitchen is the heart of the house. All other rooms are connected to this heart.

We avoided hallways because they bring darkness and they are often a waste of space. Instead we developed a wall of glass in which bamboo plants are placed. The result is a very distinctive separation of spaces while maintaining light. The plants contribute to a natural and warm atmosphere.

The Alvarez de Castro apartment was sold in July 2013.

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