We would love to share some pictures of last weekend. We participated in the 48H Open House Barcelona. This event offers the opportunity to understand and feel the exceptional Catalan culture. Three words define the slogan this year: people, architecture, urbanism. Its activities invite everyone to explore and compare the different materials, functions and uses of architecture.

SlowMov coffe shop

We visited the SlowMov coffee shop in Gracia. A refurbished place that conserves the old hydraulic-tiled floor and the original ceilings. What caught our attention was the distribution. Two main spaces were divided by a glass wall with an iron structure. This keeps the transparency whereas it is possible to isolate both areas.

Casa Pérez Samanillo – Círculo Ecuestre

We also visited the “Casa Pérez Samanillo – Círculo Ecuestre” in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi which has been conserved over the years. Old luxury furniture, Modernist style architecture and exquisite details decorating the interior.

“Tallers Manyach” were restored and became the “Josep Maria Jujol” school in Gracia. This is a great example of the Modernist movement where we could observe the magnificent Catalan vault and its original skylights.

The first edition of 48H Open Barcelona took place in 2010. This special event aims to encourage locals to appreciate the value of good architecture and urbanism.