When we decide to refurbish a house, we try to save the original tiles. However sometimes they are in very bad conditions so we need to change them.

Ideal for your bathroom or kitchen

You can be put hydraulic and ceramic versions both on the floor and on the walls. It is very common to find them in kitchens and bathrooms. For other rooms, like the living room or bedroom, it looks great to combine it with other materials. For example with wood, iron or other tiles.

There are numerous attractive designs using tiles in unique sizes, shapes and patterns. Geometric shapes, such as larger scale hexagons, are quickly becoming a desired look for interior design projects.

These handmade colorful tiles are used as floor and wall tiling. In the 1850s they appeared in Catalonia and have been widely used in Europe and America. Thanks to the new trend, we can see them in various textures and fun designs. They help us to decorate our homes with a modern and colorful touch.