Choosing the right accessories is very important for your home. They can make or break your apartment. However, how to find the right items?

Make a list

Before starting shopping, you should know what you are looking for. An accessory adds aesthetic value to your home or it can also serve a functional purpose. On your list should be pillows, blankets, rugs, pictures, frames, flowers, candles, décor items… It’s the basis.

The easiest ways to refresh your apartment is with pillows. You can use different textures, patterns and colours. Create a timeless living room.


Colour palette of your accessories

Once you chose your statement piece, build your colour scheme. Nothing is as personal as colours. The selected colours should suit your personality and lifestyle. Walls and furniture can be fairly neutral, put some colours into your accessories!

Not all the pieces you buy must be bold. Don’t be afraid of prints and patterns. If you are bored after a while with your home décor, the easiest thing to do is to change your accessories in colour and style. You can go from a hippie bohemian colourful style to a mono colour luxurious velvet style.  

Sizes and shapes

Not only colours make your home more interesting. Different shapes and sizes of your accessories can make a big impact. Use for example pillows on your sofa in different sizes. When buying new items, focus on pieces you can put together into groups. They look better than standing alone.


Shopping for accessories is not so easy. It’s important to pick pieces that elevate your home design. Your home can’t be complete without a range of accessories. They make your place stand out. Another tip is not to buy everything in one shop but search for variation and do not forget to add some vintage items! Combining beautiful things is key to get the wow-effect. If you need some inspiration, check out our luxury apartments for sale.