Mirrors add sparkle to any apartment. They are as common in decorating as wall paint. They make space appear larger, duplicate views and multiply light.

“I like to put a mirror at a dead end of a hallway, or opposite the window in a window-challenged room. Or to angle a mirror slightly, getting only the light and not the reflection. It’s also a classic above the fireplace—because it works,” says Stephen Sclaroff, interior designer.

The right mirrors are always memorable

Mirrors are great for many reasons.  They just make spaces look better in general, they both reflect and create beauty. A great mirror can provide a textural element to a blank wall.


Add a large mirror to the end of a hallway to make it look wider.



Despite their function, mirrors can simply be used as beautiful decor and placed alongside other objects.


Be creative with your entrance hall, it’s the first room you see when you walk through the door.