Wallpaper design can be very powerful. Small rooms at home can be beautiful spaces if we play with original wallpapers.

Which wallpaper to choose

The first thing before deciding which wallpaper to use is playing around with scale. Use a really tiny pattern or a really big pattern. And see how that affects the feel of a tiny area.

Use color to form the feel you want, by going for a bold patterns for spaces you want to be energetic and calming. Soft colors for rooms you want to feel more relaxing.

“Whatever you have in your rooms think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home, and if you do not make some sacrifices in their favour you will find your chambers have a kind of makeshift, lodging-house look about them…”, said William Morris, one of the founding fathers of 19th century wallpaper design.

Wallpaper is coming back strong this year and is going to offer more options and expansions.

In interiors we see the outside blending into the interiors of houses. More green and blue colors and natural materials are seen in textured wallpaper designs and we will see more bold patterns and saturated colors on walls.