Are you tired of the same color walls? Are you looking for change, but do not know where to start? Wallpapers can be a good option for your home. They can add a luxury touch to your property.

Add style to your home

Why choose wallpapers? Trends speak clearly, they are IN. They are also maintenance-free and can last years. You can put them on just one wall (you can see this trend in many of our Barcelona apartments for sale). They are the fastest and easiest way to add style to your home. Most of the time it is hard to imagine how your selected designer wallpaper will look in your house. To make life easier a lot of brands have the possibility to see a simulation of your selection of wallpapers in different types of rooms. Sometimes they can even make a tailor-made image of your space with a specific wallpaper!


Advantages of using wallpapers

Wallpapers allow you to create your unique space. There is a huge variety of decorating options, you can choose from many colors, patterns and design, you can even create your own graphics. Choose the wallpaper that really speaks to you. They can help you make your home more elegant.

Another advantage is durability. They can last many years without a need to change them (most wallpapers can last between 10-15 years, it contrasts to paint which needs to be renewed within a few years).

Wallpapers are simple to use. They can be installed by a professional or by you. They also help you to hide wall imperfections or prevent damages and imperfections.


Disadvantages of using wallpapers

It really depends on how often you like to change the design of your home. Styles come and go. You have to choose wisely if you don’t want to refresh your look every couple of years.

Normally they take more time to apply and remove. Especially if you cover layer over layer with more wallpaper; it will be more difficult to remove them. Replacing them can cost you a lot of money and effort. Normal wallpapers do not like humidity. You should opt for special washable vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms and kitchens.


For more inspiration check out our luxury apartments in Barcelona to choose the best option for you.