Mirrors add light to your interior, just like windows. Feel free to use them in any place you wish. A well-placed mirror gives a room a bright and an open feeling. To get the most out of mirrors, it’s important that you pair the right mirror with the right location in your luxury apartment.

Mirror can enlarge any space

Many people use mirrors primarily for beautification. However, few consider them as a great complement to the interior, or as a practical helper for optical enlargement of any space.

A lot of people tend to use mirrors especially in small rooms, corridors or hallways, because they are able to visually expand it. Be sure it reflects something nice. You can incorporate the mirror on one of the walls at your home to make the room feels larger.


Additional source of lighting

Mirrors not only enlarge the space, but they also add more light in the room. They can’t create light, only reflect it.

They reflect most of the light falling on to them back into the room. For example, a mirror placed opposite the window in a small bedroom will reflect light into the room making the room appear brighter and larger as well.

Mirror as a perfect décor element

The atypical shapes of the mirrors add the interior to individuality and originality. Their use is extremely variable and it is up to you, where you put them – on the walls, ceilings, furniture, or they can just lean against the wall. Shopping for accessories? You should look for this. 

Where to use mirrors

Mirrors are very versatile, so they can be used in any room. Most of the designers prefer to put them in the entryway area. Spaces that deprive of natural light are perfect to place mirrors.

mirror-bathroom1. Fireplace

A mirror placed above the fireplace can reflect the flames. This reduces the cold and dark feeling. The reflection helps to create warmer sensation.

2. Dressing rooms

In most apartments dressing rooms have no windows. If you make the whole or part of the ceiling mirrored, the mirrors with the lights on brighten the room. It gives you an illusion of a skylight.

3. Between two windows

If you place a mirror between two windows, it will help you maximize natural light and you will also trick the eye into thinking there is another window. You can lean a full-length mirror against the wall.

4. Hallways

When you put a mirror in the end of the hallway, it will appear larger than in reality. You will get that infinity mirror effect.


5. Dark walls

Do you have a dark accent wall in your home? Put a mirror on this wall, the room won’t feel so cold and small. The mirror will reflect the lighter side of the room.

6. Bathroom

If you have a bathroom without any window, a big mirror over your sink can be enough. However, if you have space on your wall, consider adding some more mirrors. They will help you to expand the space.