Wood is an amazing material as it’s bringing coziness and warmth to any space. But can it be used in bathroom design?

Wood in the bathroom

Of course! You can achieve an impeccable and durable finish over time as long as the wood is hard, slightly porous and with a finish that works as a thermal insulator. The way wood feels and reflects light is wonderful. It also offers color and depth, and can soften the look of hard ceramic finishes. Wood is easy to seal and clean with basic household detergents, and it’s much less slippery than glazed tile. Today there are many developments in tiles that look like wood. You can find really ugly ones but also tiles where you cannot tell if it’s ceramic or real wood.

Choosing plants

It is becoming more in fashion to put plants inside the bathroom, but not all the plants can survive in this area. There are some plants that can do better in the bathroom than in other areas of your home because they need the humidity. The bamboo plant, orchids, aloe vera, snake plant and hanging plants are recommend for the bathrooms. You can choose from a little touch of green or change your bathroom into a tropical forest. If it’s concerning your second home you can opt for beautiful fake plants too.

Pictures by:
archdaily.com, decoholic.org, sjvillas.co.uk, nyheter24.se