The apartment on Carrer de Provença 256 is the 5th and most recent Nobohome acquisition.
It’s situated very centrally, next to the beautiful shopping promenade Rambla de Catalunya (not to be mistaken with las Ramblas, BCN’s most famous/notorious tourist attraction. Like all previous apartments it will undergo a complete make-over. When entering the house you will instantly stand in the kitchen. Why waste space on a boring hallway?

The apartment has a very spacious feel with two large balcony windows towards Provença street and a 3.30 meter high ceiling.




View from the balcony towards the future living kitchen. Now hard to imagine but soon reality.


View from the closet towards the second large balcony. Unfortunately we have to take out the authentic hydraulic floor. It is too damaged.


A typical Spanish closet soon to be found on the street. The left wall will be broken away so that this space will be part of the living kitchen.


View towards the back of the house. It will give room to two double bedrooms with each an ensuite bathroom and a large balcony with a pantry.


Ancient bathroom will turn into a modern toilet.


Historic kitchen will become a luxurious bathroom.


The salon will be transformed into the master bedroom. The marble chimney will stay ofcourse. It will have a large ensuite balcony with a pantry.


The balcony is now a dark and closed area but we will take out the complete window wall and turn it in to an open balcony that can be closed in wintertime. It’s oriented on the East which makes it an ideal spot for a coffee in the morning.