The living room has 3 large window doors that gives acces to 2 balconies on Provença street.
The sun can be enjoyed until 14 o’clock with wonderful views on the Sagrada familia.


The refurbishment, that started in July, has one major structural change: taking out this bearing wall. The town council approved it last week. It will turn the living kitchen into a 50m2 spacious and light living area.


Difficult to imagine but this will be the kitchen that will be in direct connection with the living room.
It will have 2 countertops, each with a refrigerator and a bar.


The hallway towards the back of the apartment gives acces to 2 double bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom. The tiles on the floor will be replaced by oak wood.


A lot of materials to transform this bedroom in an modern and intimate sleeping area. All bedrooms are in direct connection with fresh air.


The ensuite bathroom will have black hexagonal tiles on the floor and grey large metro tiles on the wall.


Every house needs a laundry room where a vacuum cleaner, ironing board etc. can be storaged.
The 15×15 cm white tiles are just fixed to the wall.


The two sleeping areas are separated in the hallway by these doors that are made in the authentic design.


This concrete grey corner will be transformed into a open bathroom with white hexagonal mosaic, two large sinks with wall faucets.


Where there’s a window there’s a toilet:-) The deposit will be used to create a tall column with a venster.


Behind the niche with the double sinks this squared area will be an open shower with two large rain showers next o each other.


The master bedroom has a wonderful view on a small park. Under the window a independent bath on legs will be placed.