When entering the St Pere apartment you will directly enter into the large living kitchen that has a beautiful large window door, bringing in a lot of light. The authentic tiles on the floor will be restored.


This 140m2 large apartment has 7 large window doors, one of which interior and six exterior, all giving access to a balcony.


Each balcony has a beautiful designed iron fence, characteristic for Barcelona.

Transforming a restroom is always a great challenge. In this case however this restroom will turn in to the laundry & boiler room.


The living room is now divided by a wall. Breaking away this wall, the living room will turn into a 35 m2 living area, with 3 large balcony doors and one window.


Two doors give acces to the balcony on the St Pere mes Baix street. This pedestrian street is currently under reconstruction, renewing the pavement and installing trees.


Towards the back the apartment gives room to three double bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom.


Not much of this bathroom will be preserved, maybe the green granite sink will get a new destination.


Pretty much every detail on this photo will be replaced, the tiles, the toilet, the boiler and even the plastic window.


Now still a empty room this soon will be the bedroom closest to the living area.


This will be the second bedroom that has a large balcony door and a window in the corridor towards the bathroom.


Now still a kitchen this light area will be a bathroom and a part of the third double bedroom.